Greek Geeks Week: Day 3

7 Aug

By Emily Zauzmer

From the Trojan War to the Peloponnesian War, epic Greek battles bloodied the fields of the ancient world. As campers in the blue and green groups learned about the engaging subject of Greek warfare, their week-long journey through Greece continued.

The campers started the day in the Greek gallery. Beginning with the legendary fights of the Greek gods, the history, equipment, and tactics of Greek warfare came alive for the kids. A particularly delightful part of the lesson involved dressing up a counselor in the traditional garb of a Greek soldier.

Learning about Greek warfare was only half the battle, for there were more activities to do. The campers moved to an open space in order to hear more about types of warfare and to form a phalanx. Armed with spears, arrows, and more, the campers acted out a playful battle, but not to worry – no campers were harmed in the making of this blog post!

After a morning of laughing and learning, Greek warfare was no longer all Greek to the campers. Next, the kids watched a film about the Trojan War, and they created their own war helmets or Greek friezes in the afternoon. The day wrapped up with invigorating rounds of gaga, a game that those fighters from Greece could have identified with for its energy and its competitive spirit.

Browse these photos of the young warriors to see the fun that the campers had!

In the gallery…




On the battlefield…





During arts and crafts…





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